Welcome to Delykit.

A good home cooked meal has a magical way of bringing families closer together. However in these modern time, it isn’t easy for those who are always on the go and lack the time to prepare family meals every day. 

The fondest memories are made when gathered around the table.”

Our customers: the token of our hearts.

This is where Delykit comes in. Our mission it to make it easy for you to cook your own meals, to bring your family together around the table with delicious food that nourishes the soul, and to make life happen in the kitchen. Our meal kits are made with carefully prepared ingredients so that you can easily place great dinner plates on your family’s table everyday.

With care & ease in mind.

Freshness & Taste

Our very thoughts are for you and your family to eat fresh. Every time you place an order, you will receive fresh and clean ingredients in hygienic and secure packaging.

World Renowned Dishes

There is no need to rely on restaurants to enjoy an exotic meal. Following our cooking guide that comes with each Delykit, you can very conveniently prepare such meals at home and eat them fresh – served hot.

Fresh and delicious new menu items: Every week

Enjoy new home food every day with a new menu that is updated every Monday and Thursday! If you sign up for a new menu notification, we will notify you via SMS or  our APP PUSH notification.


The meal-kit will be delivered at your doorstep within 2 days of placing the order, so you don’t have to go out grocery shopping or looking for special ingredients that are not always readily available everywhere. Moreover, with our sous chef option,  the ingredients in the meal-kit are already peeled and cut into form that is ready to cook, so no mess created in your kitchen and time saved to cook a meal.

No Food Wasted

All the ingredients that you receive are portioned according to the recipe and your required number of servings, so nothing is leftover to go waste in the fridge or kitchen cupboards. 

The best Chefs.

We have some of the best chefs who are skilled and experienced in domestic and global foods put together our menus. Every week, your Delykit menu is created through the deep consideration of chefs who consider every texture, ingredients, broth, and sauces for your taste. We provide you with best so that everyday meals can be a renewed experienced and with every Delykit that is delivered to your home can be cooked easily by anyone in your family.