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Who is Delykit for?

Delykit was created for those who share an interest in exploration, culture,  and, diverse foods. We’ve made it super easy for you to create and enjoy great world cuisines to satisfy your curious taste buds.  Every week, you will receive an authentic recipe with fresh ingredients to enjoy right at home.

Am I being locked to a contract?

Not at all. At any time, you can easily pause your plan or cancel entirely at your very own leisure.

Can I choose my recipes?

Yes, you can choose which culture food recipes you would like to whip up in your kitchen each and every week.  If you fancy mainly your traditional favorites, you can always place your selections from our traditional line up menu.

Can I skip a week?

Of course your can. Our plans were made with your convenience in mind. In fact, you can skip several weeks at a time in advance.

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